Eating Me Alive

Monday, 11 December 2017

Ive spent a shy two-month sabbatical out of London, aiming at writing fantastic stories, but then time warped into something enigmatic. Consequentially, I find myself propped on a boomerang. If my existence is charted on a time frame, Im caught in a limbo that wavers between my lost realities here and then it returns to my hilarious exit from Heathrow terminal.  Although, I am currently grounded at Kochi, my mind is constantly moving back and forth. With this anomaly, quite often my brain goes into the sleep mode, especially when I wash the dishes. I think its quite allegorical, you know, wash away whats in the past. But instead, my thoughts panders to the intricate sensitive web of decisions I made within the confinement of a cramped plane seat. The gravity of those decisions certainly wasnt overpowering to make a plane plummet; gratefully it still flew. Embrace whatever comes your way, and move forward.  Only until my optimistic musings during the twenty-hour journey were quelled by something utterly irrelevant.