Avec Monsieur Henry

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

It was brutally hot, the one that scorched eyes. Monsieur Henry thought a handful of tourists would take refuge at his place, but so many people swiftly passed by his cloudy glass windows. He must have thought to himself, Marie Antoinette still had an aura of drawing attention. Or perhaps his store seemed mousy, just a humble one partitioned by books that reeked of age. He slowly moved out of his cubicle and walked to the center of the store. It was the one special spot where light was sieved through the summer clouds and gloriously diffused through the glass- paneled ceilings. And there was this glimmer on the gold-foiled albums that were showcased among some beautiful crystals and potted ferns. Most of the days it was quiet, but there were a few exasperated tourists who walked in after their tour at the Chateau de Versailles. And one of them was she.