Clocks melt when she’s seated in a train
her only wish is to clone Dali’s brain
It’s been a joke she’s a child of Roman Payne
‘The Wanderess’ free in wildness, seldom sane
she dreams of building a magazine museum
for since 1991 she’s been on a drive of carpe diem
Has an obsession for rhymes
makes associations endless times
always merry as she goes around the color wheel
thinks Piet Mondrian is the real deal
loves lyrics and limericks
peppered with some acoustics
has an appetite for sesame toasted puns
To every title, justice won’t be done
Fancies a good pick up line
of course, only in layouts so fine
Loves writing beyond a drop cap
lets her stories rove without a map
thus it leads you here

Welcome to Atheena Wilson’s blog

You’re inclined to be a part of it too. It’s just a platform to celebrate the mind’s spontaneity, infinite associations and as well say, “ Goodness gracious you were inspired by that?”

I do not survive on a blog alone, I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Art and Design History in London and previously worked as an assistant editor for a lifestyle magazine titled FWD, based in India.

Thus welcome, you’re in line for something new.